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Quality Assurance


We’re committed to improving the health of the people we serve. Pathology Consultants does that by maintaining quality assurance monitoring and evaluation. We also initiate focused programs to promote efficient and safe patient care.

Pathology Consultants’ robust peer review and concordance monitoring system assures that best practices are incorporated into every service we render. By employing both internal consultations and retrospective reviews, we ensure high-quality service. Outside consultations, when needed or requested, are correlated to the original diagnosis and coordinated with the patient’s clinician(s) to assure a timely and relevant outcome.

Labeling and Distribution

Reporting an accurate diagnosis is the most important aspect of our pathology services, but we also pay careful attention to what happens before and after the pathologist renders a report.

We decrease the risk of case mislabeling through clear barcode labels on specimens, documentation, slides and paraffin cassettes.

Further, our results distribution process extends not only to the provider who ordered the pathology examination, but also to other physicians in the patient’s team of caregivers. Most results are distributed electronically, which allows us to track a result to its secure destination.

Our staff works with each other, referring providers and patients to coordinate ongoing pathology diagnosis and management excellence.