Cytology studies are performed on fluids extracted from body cavities – e.g. urine, sputum or fluids accumulating inside the chest or abdomen. Cells can also be extracted using fine needle aspiration (FNA), which involves inserting needles into lumps, diseased areas or tissues.

We prepare and interpret non-gynecological cytology specimens using liquid-based technology, as well as direct, monitor and interpret gynecological pap smears for other laboratories in the region.

Cytopathology involves the examination of cell structure and requires special training and expertise. Aside from providing FNA services to patients in our clinic, we often support clinicians during procedures in the hospital setting. We can immediately assess the adequacy of cytological material drawn during the procedure to minimize the need for patients to have the procedure repeated.

The cytopathology division of our advanced anatomic pathology laboratory has access to a broad array of stains, antibodies and reagents. Further, concurrent histology orders are available for comparison and diagnostic correlation. Our cytopathologists supervise certified cytotechnologists and participate in regulatory, as well as voluntary, proficiency review programs.

Interpretations of non-gynecological cytology studies are generally available within 24 hours of receipt.